Sedgefield Market

Out first stop to PE at this morning was in Sedgefield. They have there a nice crafts market. Manfred and I had a look at the different offerings. As we were there quite early, not all people had already setup their booth.

Manfred was looking for some knickknack for his “home assignment”. Also I browsed the offerings so may be I find something nice as well. First we stopped and examined the production of an wire artist and the neighboring wood craft work. Manfred bought many key fobs for his tour. I myself did something similar. Then we strolled around and looked for other things on the market.

One “shop” offered classical African wood work based on different types of wood (including iron wood). As you can see they are also offering these chairs Franzi has. However they were too bulky for our vehicle which was already filled with books and boxes from Cape Town. But now I know were I can get my furniture when I move to South Africa.

We also discovered a printing press. An old Heidelberg. It is used to print on paper produced out of elephant … and recycled paper.

Carmel, George, and Wilderness

After Knysna, we drove to George. Nothing really eventful happend on that trip and we arrived savely at George. Manfred had booked a room at Carmel, which is a holiday resort were he has been before. However, he did’nt know exactly where is was and so we did some up and down driving and some asking until we found the entrance.

In bright daylight that task would have been easier, because they have a sign on their entrance. However, at night you cannot read it because its dark and no light points to the sign. So it is invisible. Because it was so late, the reception was already closed and we found our key in a locker. Then after a short search for the room, we found it dropped out bags there and went of for some supper. So we drove to Wilderness, which is a small town close to Carmel and George and had a delicious meal.

South Africa has quite a diverse wildlife and so I decided to have a bit of everything (more or less). I had a corn-based carbohydrate thing, which is closely related to mush. But it is white in color. It is a typical South African thing. The other vegetables were nothing unusual. The meat part comprised ostrich, spring bock, and kudu. Prepared properly ostrich is quite delicious.

After this filling meal. It was so delicious, but also too much. We went back to Carmel and went to bed.

The next morning stated early, the ran a bell at 8:00 and so we jumped out of bed and searched for a shower. As there was no shower for men available, we took the liberty to use the women’s showers. Then we had some breakfast. As we had such an opulent meal in the evening, we just got some. Corn-based South African breakfast dish, orange juice, and coffee. Other guests told us that in Sedgefield, they have a nice local crafts market. So our next stop was Sedgefield.