How I looked after my thesis defense. Now I look more or less like the animal from the Muppet Show.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Over the years, my blog has become a location for all sorts of things I want to publish in one way or the other. Thus, you may find all sorts of stuff from recipes over ideas, concepts to research related posts.

Currently, I am working on OceanDSL. We aim to ease ocean modelling and using ocean models by introducing domain-specific languages (DSLs) which help to abstract certain tasks while creating, modifying and using models.

Related research interests are:

  • Research Software Engineering and the digital transformation of scientific research
  • Digital transformation in society and politics
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Understanding workload characterization
  • Domain-specific languages
  • Software evolution

I am affiliated with with the Institute for Computer Science at Kiel University, Germany, working in the software engineering research group. In the past, I was coordinator in the Future Ocean Excellence Cluster and worked on various research projects over nine years.