Dear visitor,

thanks for visiting my blog on research, coding and other random stuff. Before you continue reading other pages and sites, let me introduce myself.

I am a coordinator in the Future Ocean Excellence Cluster in Kiel  coordinating activities for research area Digital Ocean. Digital Ocean addresses multiple disciplines from engineering, computer science, and mathematics focused towards marine research in the excellence cluster. This includes, but is not limited to, intelligent sensor systems, ocean simulations, application of software engineering methods to the marine sciences, and interactive publications, e.g., OceanTEA.

I am affiliated with with the Institute for Computer Science at Kiel University, Germany, working in the software engineering research group. My interests are in software and systems monitoring, software modeling techniques, and the development of software engineering methods for scientists and industry, especially DSLs and code generators.

The composition of code generators and code generation for multi-view and aspect-oriented modeling approaches was the key topic of my dissertation. Furthermore, I participate in the iObserve research project, focusing on cloud-based software systems and the challenges in detecting anomalies, deriving descriptive models from limited monitoring data, exploring adaptation candidates, and creating adaptation plans. In context of iObserve, I developed and continue to maintain two experiment setups for distributed applications, namely CoCoME and JPetStore.

Previous activities

  • I am the lead author for the Kieker instrumentation languages, which are also used in my current project, iObserve.
  • I was involved in the development of the MAMBA-framework and designed and implemented its two DSLs to ease measure definition, application and evaluation.
  • I co-designed and evaluated DSLs for railway control centers for three years in the MENGES project.
  • After my degree in computer science, I developed a warehouse and refurbishment application for a small South African company, and composed other smaller applications for businesses.
  • In 2008, I finished my computer science degree at the University of Oldenburg. The topic of my diploma (Master) thesis was on modeling and rule based selection of technical induced architecture styles.
  • I wrote a small thesis accompanied by a tool to support Basili’s Goal-Question-Metric approach.
  • During the new economy hype, I developed CMS and especially tools to develop web applications, based and XML. The core of these tools was an extensible object-oriented template language, which allowed code generation for PHP, SQL and Java, but could be used by web-developers directly in their HTML code.
  • I developed software to convert and render maps based on data from land surveying offices.
  • At AWI Bremerhaven, I processed climate simulation data and developed tools to automatically retrieve simulation data from data stores, render and colorize maps, and finally produce animations out of them.
  • I learned and used quite a range of programming languages: Basic, Z80 assembler, Logo (not so much), Pascal, 8080 and 8086 assembler, C, Fortran, Modula-2, Bash, Objective-C, Perl, HTML, PHP, SQL, XSLT, Java, and developed my own custom languages, e.g., for raster data manipulation, workflows or UI composition.