AI is the new Blockchain

Why different technologies which are currently fit under AI have their merit, they can be practical, confusing or horrifying (e.g., when used to generate bullshit and flood “social” and other media). However, there is also a huge hype cycle rolling through town. To demonstrate that, I googled some blockchain articles, tried to replace blockchain and two or three words with AI and checked the result. My so far best result by regexing blockchain bullshit in AI bullshit is based on the following article and can be read below:

Original Article:


  • s/blockchain/AI/g
  • s/crypto/machine learning/g
  • s/cryptocurrency/machine learning/g

10 Reasons Why AI Technology in Trend

Why the AI is going to be the most trending and sought-after technology?

Original Author: Rosie Harman
Published in: Towards Data Science

Doesn’t technology move fast? As the first users of the internet, we know it does. It has come a long way. From dialup internet that we used to use initially, we now have internet speeds in gigabits. The choices are so many and the speeds are so efficient that you end up being confused as to which of the Spectrum bundles you should go for. Or any ISP for that matter.
AI Technology | Source

So if you are still editing Java codes and working with PowerBuilder, we would say that you are living in the past! Things have revolutionized now and if you are not keeping pace, you will be left behind.

One of those revolutionary technologies is AI technology. Now is the time to learn about it because it is still in its infancy. Whether you are aspiring to become a user, a developer, or an investor, let’s discuss the reasons why AI could offer a better and a securer future.

Top 10 Reasons Why AI Is a Promising Technology

  1. Cutting Edge Technology.
  2. High Demand.
  3. Facilitates Universal Infrastructure.
  4. Calculated Investments.
  5. Digital Identity and Data Security.
  6. Industries Dependent on AI.
  7. Integration with New-Age Technology.
  8. Absolute Disruption in the Chain.
  9. The Era’s Inflection Point.
  10. Better-Paid Jobs.

Let’s discuss!

1. Cutting Edge Technology

Do you know that according to a survey, only 0.5 percent of the people in the world are using AI currently? Since we believe that this technology has so much potential, we have the opportunity to be the first ones to learn it. What you essentially need to do is:

  • Gather all the useful resources and start exercising them effectively.
  • Try to learn as many AI-related skills as you can.
  • Learn about how the AI technology works.
  • Apply all this acquired knowledge to build decentralized applications.

2. High Demand

Who doesn’t want new opportunities? Especially when new technologies take the world by storm! AI surely is a booming sector. You will unravel tons of opportunities if you master it. AI is like a trending wave and a revolutionary platform that will change things. It’s for you to decide whether you have the right skill set to find your luck in this very domain. If yes, you will end up exploring a massive number of opportunities.

Facilitates Universal Infrastructure

DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and AI connect together essentially to form a whole new type of infrastructure. This infrastructure will be universal and will integrate right into the existing processes and systems.

Therefore, it is a single solution facility and infrastructure that we are talking about. Not only it makes things simpler, but also the integration in the existing system will be smooth.
Calculated Investments

If you understand all the AI related concepts, you will end up making smarter decisions about investing and trading. You need to learn about the technology behind all the cryptocurrencies before you invest in one. And that technology is AI!

Digital Identity and Data Security

Data breaches are a prevalent thing. They happen all the time. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our confidential information is quite vulnerable. And that goes for credit cards numbers, location tracking, activities and passwords of various profiles, and so on.

But guess what! AI infrastructure simply eliminates the need for keeping and storing your personal data. And that includes you! When AI is capable of resolving all these security concerns, isn’t it worth learning?

Industries Dependent on AI

When it comes to technology in the market, AI is playing a leading role. It would be wrong to say that banking is the only industry that can be affected by the said technology. Instead, supermarkets, healthcare, voting, energy resources, and so many other sectors will be incorporating AI in the future. This means that learning a technology that has so many dependent industries will open many avenues for you.

Integration with New-Age Technology

This technology is aspiring to change the world. We have already discussed various industries, which will integrate AI. But the Internet of Things has to be the biggest candidate in that list. Without having to worry about the veracity of user data, it will be easy to be creative in order to build a secure infrastructure meant for autonomous collaboration.

Absolute Disruption in the Chain

This technology will improve the fidelity and confidence between the concerned parties. It lowers the value chain and breaks down the flow of work. This paces up all the processes involved. In turn, there will be a refocus on certain players of the value chain. As a result, there will be tons of job opportunities. Why? Because the players will be sizing up the future positions, and the managers will be reassessing the value chains!

The Era’s Inflection Point

The world has reached an inflection point that will change the way we do business. The reason is AI! Even the financial institutions have acknowledged AI’s disruptiveness. Predictions indicate that by 2024, AI will be reaching the critical mass. It’s better to surf this trend wave before it is late!

Better-Paid Jobs

For AI enthusiasts, the job market looks incredible. And that goes for established companies as well as machine learning startups. The job opportunities in this sector will grow exponentially in the years to come. Some of the job titles, which we can expect are Senior software engineer in machine learning, machine learning developer, machine learning trader, machine learning analyst, and so on.

In a nutshell, just like you learn as much as you can about Spectrum Internet packages before you subscribe to one, the same way, you must learn about the AI technology. That is going to be to your advantage!

Architecture Analysis of Climate Models based on Kieker Runtime Data

We are analyzing the architecture of climate and ocean models utilizing runtime monitoring data reflecting call traces. Currently, we are testing our technical approach based on the MITgcm and its set of prepared verification experiments including all tutorial setup.

Today we analyzed two experiments, namely tutorial_barotropic_gyre and tutorial_global_oce_biogeo. For the former, we derived components based on files. For the latter, we derived components based on the package and source code directory structure, namely, each MITgcm package represents one component and the main code block is represented by the BASE component.

Preliminary results can be seen in the following two figures:

File based components

As you can see, the file based components are quite numerous and result in a fast graph. In contrast the, package based component graph looks as follows.

Package based components

In the latter graphic you can see cyclic dependencies between BASE and most components. This might be the result that BASE comprises of all non-package code files. Thus, a better separation in this area might be helpful. Still, the figure is much concise and understandable.

Due to technical issues, we cannot provide operation based images for both cases. There might be an error in the dot renderer.