Current activities are the project OceanDSL (paid), the digital transformation of our society and in particular my university (not really paid) and supporting climate change mitigation.

Current Activities

OceanDSL aims to change the way how we create, modify and reuse ocean models. The vision is to foster collaboration across different disciplines involved in modelling.

In collaboration with fellow researchers, I try to develop a digital transformation strategy for our university. In our initiative, we want to engage all stakeholders within the university to take part in its transformation.

Kieker is an application monitoring and analysis framework. Originally designed for Java and Java-based technologies. In recent years it has also be used with other programming languages including Perl, Fortran, and C.

Past Activties

I was a coordinator in the Future Ocean Excellence Cluster addressing and organizing topics regarding engineering, computer science, and mathematics in context of the marine sciences.

Generator Composition (GECO) was my dissertation project. Its goal war to ease the composition of generators for DSLs modeling cross-cutting concerns, which have to be addressed in the generator. The tooling developed in this dissertation makes use of EMF, Xtext, and other Eclipse technology, but addresses any kind of target language for these DSLs.

The iObserve project aims to develop methods, metamodels and tooling to describe, analyze, and predict behavior of distributed applications, such as cloud application using foreign services and infrastructure, where the behavior and inner structure is unknown to the application provider. Furthermore, we aim to ensure data privacy and improve workload characterization based on structure rich usage behaviors.

he MAMBA-framework provides and extended meta-model, based on SMM, to describe measures, observation and measurements, and is accompanied by an evaluation engine for SMM models. In the past month, two languages have been developed, which support the definition of measures and queries over measurements.


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