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Between Alta and Kristiansund

Alta is the largest community in northern Norway and Kristiansund is part of the southern oil and Klippfisk industry. Therefore, we had a full day on sea. We used that time to catch up with our travel log efforts, but first we slept in, skipped breakfast — even the later riser breakfast, making stock without snaps our breakfast together with some tea.

Later we washed our clothes in the onboard washing salon on deck three. Deep down in the underbelly of the ship. As this is a German ship. Cash is king. You cannot use your debit card or board id card. No, you have to use Euros. This is super stupid. While you can pay all drinks and extras with your debit card (indirectly, via your room number), you cannot pay your tips to crew and waiters and you cannot get new money on board. Somehow it is expected that you board with some k€ budget in paper money. Checked my calendar. It is 2018 not 1918. Something they really should improve on, as it would make the trip smoother.

We also had some massages on board — very relaxing –, got Norwegian apple cake for tea and listened to a harp concert in the evening. Typical for a day at sea. Relaxation and indulgence.

Honningsvåg and North Cape

We had an almost full day on sea. The weather had switched from sunny to what you expect in Norway. The clouds were hanging low. Fortunately, the weather cleared up when we started our trip to the monument.

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We left Honningsvåg and traveled north to the North Cape, a 45 min bus ride. The view was slightly foggy. We tried to get a good pictures of the globe with us. However, the high tech automatic multi-program adaptable contraption of a camera had a hard time to do it right. The electronics had their worst day in their life. Finally, got some nice pictures with us, but of course they are not available on the Internet. Instead we photographed some plants and stones and statues and monuments and Norwegian waffles.

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After a short North Cape video, we went back to the ship and saw our first reindeer. No red nose reindeer though, but white ones, brown ones, larger ones and tiny ones.

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Back at the ship, we had dinner and the ship departed from Honningsvåg. At 0:30, it was still very light. You could even see colors. No we did not finish a bottle of something. Anyway, at 0:30, we passed by the North Cape from the sea side. We tried to make some nice pictures of the globe and radar station from below. Then we had a final late night snack, soup and one sausage (just for test purposes of course). Was delicious.

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