Friday at UNISA

On Friday I had an appointment at the university with this software engineering professor and department head. But first we delivered some booklets to different places in Pretoria. And I took the liberty to make some photographs from the surrounding.

The first picture show Manfred chatting with, so to speak, the filling station attendant. As you can see, you have not to do the filling yourself. To be more precise doing it yourself would be rude. After this stop we went to Pretoria. The pictures in the gallery show the streets in Pretoria and one of the buildings of the Pretoria Zoo.

At 10:45 we reached UNISA. We almost managed it to the right office without asking anyone :-). However the building is big and for the last meters we had to ask again. Nevertheless we arrived at the right place.

Intentionally I brought my paper, which I had submitted to SWESE’08 to this meeting. After the initial greeting period I explained my intentions and my idea a little bit and handed over the paper. The professor had a short look at it and then asked a colleague to examine my writing. As the paper was not on one of his topics.

So we waited for his colleague to arrive. She had a short look at it, and read some parts of it and was quite excited. So this was also a test for me to see if the paper is worth anything. So I talked a little bit more and went to her office. Fortunately I had my thesis with me (on my usbstick) so she got a copy of it. And I promised to send her my paper as PDF as well. Furthermore we arranged an appointment on Monday at the CSIR.

After this meeting I was excited, because this looked like a possible opportunity for my PhD work. And I could be in South Africa instead of another first world country like rainy Ireland, or sunburn Australia.