My new business suit
My new business suit

Today was shopping day. So after lunch Manfred, and me went to the mall in Edleen. Edleen is the  district of Johannesburg where my brother lives. We went to Edgar’s. Edgar’s is a clothing shop, like Leffers or Kaufhof.

At Edgars we determined my sizes, as they are different then those used in Germany. After seleting trousers and a jacket, I went to the fitting room. And as a stupid German, after changing I ran out to discuss my appearance. However, this is not the usual way to use the fitting room in ZA. So I had a little discussion with the fitting room guard.

While walking around with the suit I observed a strange behavior of the trousers. They got static and attached themselves to my legs. This was quite uncomfortable. So I asked for clothing based on other materials. However, they didn’t have such trousers.

So we left Edgar’s and went to the next clothing shop and ended up at Woolworth. Woolworth in ZA is not the same thing as in Germany. It is more like something between Leffers and Bruns (for those living in Oldenburg) or something between Warth and Kolesch (for those in BC).

I tried several things and finally we found something suitable. I have to say. my brother is not well trained in shopping šŸ™‚ compared to me. but I hope we managed well. You can evaluate that with the picture in this post. And I hope I didn’t do my photo-face again.