Programming and Preparations

In the last two days, I was programming and working on our project. Therefore nothing interesting for he rest of the world happened. We installed a small machine for the church and all office computers are now using Ubuntu 8.04.

While I was working in the office, I almost froze to death, because the temperature dropped from 10 to 7 degree at daylight and 0 degree at night. Right now I sit here in the office wearing two pairs of socks, trousers (of course), a T-shirt, a shirt, a pullover, and fleece pullover and still need several cups of tea to not turn into a frozen meat block. I really have to introduce the concept of heating and isolating technologies to South Africa 😉

As of today we started to prepare our trip to Capetown. We will start tomorrow morning at 6:00 o’clock. On the way there I will try to drive the car. And unfortunately we will most likely not have internet access in Capetown. At least not frequent. However I will take thee sets of batteries for the camera and my brother’s laptop, so I can produce many pictures documenting the trip. I also will write some daily summaries and add them to the blog when possible.